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New Berlin Energy Independence Project

 New Berlin Energy Independence Project



An entire community focused on conserving energy and reducing costs in its homes, municipal facilities, businesses, schools, churches, cars, trucks - everything!  Together, we can achieve significant cost and energy savings.  New Berlin will reduce its energy use - community-wide - and move toward energy independence.  Other communities will learn from our experience.


Potential longer range objectives include the use of renewable and alternative energy, produced and developed locally.  Jobs, too, can be created as local contractors become more familiar with energy-saving construction materials and techniques, and training is offered in such areas as energy assessment and solar installation.


Why New Berlin?

New Berlin is representative of many small, rural communities throughout the Northeast United States.  It has a very strong sense of community, and is of a manageable size for a project like this, making it an ideal community to undertake a pilot project to serve as an example and blueprint for other communities. 


Financial involvement

The cost to you ¾ Minimal.  Maybe free. 

The savings for you ¾ Considerable. 


Who is managing the project?

The SEDA-COG Energy Resource Center is managing the project and providing technical assistance to the community of New Berlin and to the New Berlin Energy Independence Committee, chaired by Mayor Craig Egli.  The project is receiving funding from the federal Appalachian Regional Commission and PPL Electric Utilities. 

  • Step 1
    Conduct a qualitative energy assessment to begin to measure energy consumption in our community, our municipal facilities, homes, schools, businesses, churches and vehicles.
  • Step 2
    Develop a general plan of action to significantly reduce New Berlin’s current energy consumption. 
  • Step 3
    Implement the action plan and start saving energy and money.  Information will be distributed on energy-related rebates, financial incentives and free energy-related services, available through state, federal and PPL Electric Utilities programs, to help the community identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption. 

Why now?

Energy costs are rising, but one way to manage costs is to improve energy efficiency. Pennsylvania’s Act 129, coupled with statewide deregulation of the electric utilities, places renewed emphasis on energy conservation, and electric utilities are creating programs to help customers reduce their energy use - rebates to buy and install energy-efficient equipment, recycling programs for inefficient appliances, home energy audits, financial incentives for solar energy systems and geothermal units, pricing options to shift from peak demand energy use, and the distribution of energy-efficient light bulbs.  Rebates and incentives will be available to all customers. 


Get involved!

Be a part of the New Berlin Energy Independence Project.  Fill out the project survey form and the Free Energy-Related Services Eligibility Form.  They are available from Megan Epler, tel. (570) 524-4491, ext. 7250, or; or Mayor Egli, tel. (570) 658-8000, ext. 111 (work), (570) 966-4295 (home).