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Meeting Minutes

 Approved Minutes

collapse Year : 2020 ‎(13)
12-20 minutes.docx
Meeting Minutes1/28/2021202039 KB
Special Meeting 11-9-2020 7pm minutes - final.pdf
Meeting Minutes12/11/20202020131 KB
Special Meeting 11-9-2020 1pm minutes - final.pdf
Meeting Minutes12/11/20202020101 KB
11-20 minutes final.pdf
Meeting Minutes12/11/20202020178 KB
10-20 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes11/27/20202020190 KB
9-20 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes10/16/20202020187 KB
8-20 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes9/24/20202020323 KB
7-20 minutes - final.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/18/20202020189 KB
6-20 minutes - final.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/7/20202020195 KB
3-20 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes7/22/20202020165 KB
2-20 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes6/25/20202020143 KB
1-20 reorganization minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes3/11/20202020112 KB
1-20 Minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes3/11/20202020133 KB
collapse Year : 2019 ‎(12)
5-19 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202019117 KB
4-19 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202019122 KB
3-19 meeting notes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/2020201995 KB
2-19 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202019139 KB
1-19 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202019190 KB
12-19 Minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes12/11/20192019202 KB
9-19 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes11/22/20192019233 KB
10-19 Minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes11/22/20192019222 KB
11-19 Minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes11/13/20192019234 KB
8-19 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes10/3/20192019264 KB
7-19 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes10/3/20192019139 KB
6-19 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes10/3/20192019186 KB
collapse Year : 2018 ‎(12)
9-18 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202018478 KB
8-18 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202018162 KB
7-18 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202018141 KB
6-18 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202018154 KB
5-18 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202018468 KB
4-18 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202018429 KB
3-18 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202018453 KB
2-18 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202018168 KB
1-18 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202018461 KB
11-18 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202018149 KB
10-18 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202018151 KB
12-18 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes12/12/20182018455 KB
collapse Year : 2017 ‎(1)
12-17 meeting minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes12/13/20172017445 KB
collapse Year : 2014 ‎(2)
2014 reorganization meeting.pdf
Meeting Minutes3/3/20142014104 KB
1-14 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes3/3/2014201460 KB
collapse Year : 2012 ‎(2)
12-12 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes1/15/2013201270 KB
5-12 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes7/10/20122012104 KB
collapse Year : 2011 ‎(2)
7-11 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/8/2011201147 KB
2-11 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes3/22/20112011121 KB
collapse Year : 2010 ‎(2)
2-10-10 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes8/24/20202010190 KB
4-14-10 minutes.pdf
Meeting Minutes6/1/2010201043 KB